Let’s Pop This

My first tattoo (er, blog):
I have a trait where I feel if I start I new project that it has to be perfect for myself and have a perfectly planned direction.  I’ve considered starting blogs in the past to expand my knowledge for résumés or to better myself as a Magic: The Gathering player, but family, school, and work have always come first, which has prevented me from dedicating the time I desired to start a blog.  Luckily, my friend Rob made me aware of Professor Schleicher’s Blogging class.  And since school is on that list, well, I think you get it.

The Plan:
I am a decently versed or (Semi-) Professional Geek, see http://prawnandquartered.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/on-being-a-semi-professional-geek/, so my first thoughts were to blog on my many adventures to conventions and large-scale tournaments.  Although you may still get a dose of those posts they will not be as frequent as my first focus.  Our instructor for the course is one of or the founder of Major Spoilers, a website/blog reviewing (mainly) comics.  Before this class the only comic I read was twenty years ago, when I was 5 or 6.  I remember going to our local Dillons and spending the time in the magazine section.  There I came across a Sonic the Hedgehog comic book.  I was fascinated.  I attempted to persuade my mom to buy me the comic but to no avail.  The scheming kid I was I devised a plan.  My friend’s birthday was that weekend and I was given a set amount of money to purchase his gift.  Since I’m such a great friend I picked up the Sonic Comic and a Go Fish card game.  (Yes, the game was just a filler so I wouldn’t feel cheap since the price of the comic was posted on the cover.)   Yeah, I sort of remember my friend not being too thrilled, but at least I got to admire the comic the week before his birthday.  Now, at the tender age of 25, I am taking Professor Schleicher’s sister classes to Blogging, one of them: Comics to Movies.  Each time I went to this class I realized how little I knew about comics and the history of our Superheroes.  My knowledge pool recently consisted of random, regurgitated info passed onto me from many of my friends, some who write at Major Spoilers, when I had a question about a movie or history from a comic.  As I started my research I discovered a golden opportunity, and addiction.  DC Comics had just released their relaunch of their DC Universe.  One of DC’s focus for the reboot is to invite others to share their passion.  I love collecting, but had never been interested in comics.  To sum it up, I already own 10 of the New #1s and cannot put them down.  I have also been to the library to brush up on some of my history.  In The Spirit of Major Spoilers I have decided to write reviews of comics that I read from the perspective of a new reader.  I will never again be a new comic reader and cannot pass up this opportunity to give readers a review from the view of a newb.  There will more than likely be other posts, but these reviews will be the first constant.  I hope you all enjoy!



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