First things first. (My rating system)

A few years ago when I was young, dumb, and full of (well, if you don’t know the blank I refuse to take part in your corruption), my two roommates and myself were at quite the conundrum.  We all had very different tastes and were constantly at ends when we were rating girls for their appearance.  (Come on now, if you’ve never rated anyone….well you’re a better person than I am, or less shallow.)  We were originally rating them on a one-to-ten scale, which we soon realized we could never agree.  We came to the decision that a 5 star rating system with general levels would serve us better.  This was very similar to the rating scale that Tucker Max uses. (WARNING!: Do Not Enter this site if you are easily offended or sensitive.)  Since then I have been a fan of a 5 point based rating system.  My objective here is to be impartial (to tastes) as possible in rating my comics to help you fashion what you would like to read rather than only lead you to those that I enjoy.  You will learn from the flavor of my reviews what my opinion is, or I’ll just flat out say what I think.  The ratings will be how I, a new comic reader, rates technical aspects like the art, flow and continuity, personalities that fit the characters, etc.  Anyway, enough of my ramblings and on to my scale.

1-star:  This comic is garbage.  There is absolutely nothing good inside the comic’s cover.  Art is horrendous and probably doesn’t make physical sense.  The panels are hard to follow.  The story line and dialogue are incoherent or placed horribly.  Not much else to say other than you can’t find anything good to say about it.  Not something I will invest anymore time or money in.  There is garbage out there, but 1-stars will be a rare rating from me.

2-star:  This comic is garbage as well, but does have something good to say about it.  Either the art was phenomenal, the story was decent, or the characters filled their roles.  Unless the characters are lovable or I need to follow the story for existing stories then I won’t be adding anymore to my collection.

3-star:  This is your run-of-the-mill comic.  The awesome may balance out the crap or it may just be your average comic.  We all probably collect comics at this rating, but this is because there just aren’t enough 4 and 5-stars out there.  It may also be because it features your favorite characters or you have been following the storyline for quite some time now.

4-star:  These pages are filled with our favorite superheroes and villains to a spectacular degree.  The art, everything, is generally spot on.  There may be some road bumps here and there, but we continue to collect and dream about these comics.

5-star:  These comics are legendary (and rare).  The general public also views these as legendary.  If I’m the only person who thinks it is the greatest, then it probably isn’t, but if I believe I’ve found a hidden gem I will let you know.  Many nerds/geeks/what-have-you believe reading these pages are better than sex.

There is a good chance I will edit these over time, but for now, hopefully you understand how I rate my comics.  If anyone would like to see specific reviews, let me know and I will see what I can do.  For starters though, I will be reviewing anything from DCs New 52.


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