Not So Noob Review: Green Lantern: New Guardians

When I was a kid growing up in the 90’s I had multiple hobbies.  One of them was reading comics.  Since I was from a small town and comics were hard to come by I got what I could get my hands on.  I was always more of a marvel fan because of the x-men and spider-man cartoons, but one day I decided to pick up a Green Lantern comic.  For the life of me I can not remember which one it was specificly, but I do remember the main character.  Kyle Rayner, he was a likeable every man.   Kyle was so different from other super hero’s in that he didn’t have a bad ass persona, which was also my favorite part about him.  I ended up enjoying the stories about him, so much that I picked up every issue in order for the next couple years.  Which is a big commitment considering I had to go to another town (remember i’m a kid so I can’t drive myself) and I have the attention span of a ferret on crack.  Anyone who knows much about comics knows Kyle’s past.  After the Green Lantern corps were destroyed he became the only lantern for awhile, much hilarity and crazy random happenstances ensued, and now were to the point where Kyle is just another lantern officer.

The Story In 1000 Words or Less

Our story begins with a pile of dead guardians on a smoldering Oa.  We see Ganthet (Although the story doesn’t say he’s Ganthet if you know Kyle’s back story you’ve got this covered) standing up to create one last power ring.  Flash to a New York City bar where a group of friends are sitting around eating drinking beers.  They are sitting around bullshitting as friends do and the panel shows Kyle has done a very well drawn picture and they start talking about Kyle being an artist that isn’t making it in the job market.  More conversation ensues then “nature calls” for Kyle where he gets up to find a very long bathroom line.  As most ingenious, read half drunk, men would do in this situation Kyle decides to head to the alley to solve his problem.  When he steps outside he is confronted by a small blue man surrounded in a green energy telling him he has been chosen.  Kyle initaly assumes he’s being tricked until a power ring is put on him, a suit appears, and he is hauled off into the air.  Thus Kyle begins his career as a Green Lantern.  Next we see a Yellow Lantern in battle with a group of deadly looking aliens.  His ring then flys off from him just in time for him to get gutted.  Flip the page and you will see a Red Lantern’s ring flying away and he falls over dead. The next page has a Star Sapphire (Pink Lantern) fighting in space just in time to have her ring fly off and she begins to suffocate.  One of her fellow Star Sapphires comes in to save her then follows the path of the “stolen” ring.  Next scene you see a crane operator in Time’s Square on the phone talking about how he just saw Green Lantern (I thought the blurb where his friend is clearly asking him which one was funny).  The crane falls off the side of the building and Kyle has green ring created giant 1920’s style construction workers catch the crane.  After having a short chat with random bystanders a ring of every Lantern color (minus black and white) appears next to Kyle telling him he has been chosen.  Directly after that a lantern of every color shows up to beat the crap out of Kyle and get the rings back…dun dun dun cliffhanger.

The Reviewing More or Less

I am not an incredibly talented artist nor do I pretend to understand all the terms involved with critiquing art, but I know enough to comment on this comic.  The things I noticed the most were how well the lines and shading were done in this comic.  The shading is done so well that you can clearly see the physical definition of every character.  As for the story.  There were things about the story that I really liked and things about the story that I really didn’t like.  I like that they had a revisiting of Kyle’s origin and that it was short sweet and to the point.  Yet what I didn’t like is when Kyle shows back up later they don’t explain that this is years later.  I know it because I know Kyle’s history and whats going on with the Green Lantern’s right now, but if someone was just getting into comics it could throw them for a loop.  I like where the story is going, especially the cliffhanger ending, and I think this will become a regular comic for me.  That all being said I give this issue a 3 Star rating because while I really enjoyed it I wasn’t blown away.  I feel like as time goes on I could really get into this series and give specific issues a 4 or 5 star rating, but for now it gets a 3.


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