It really is so black(dark) and white(light).

The current occupation and peaceful protest on Wallstreet has reignited my observations of the state(perception) of the economy and all the factors behind it.  I may or may not believe the reason for the occupation, but that aspect of our economy is not something that I have researched.  Also, I am not physically there so my opinion on whether the NYPD or the protestors are in the right or wrong would be irrelevant.  (Like the media, the youtube videos that I have seen are only clips of the police agression and not the whole story.  I mean, you can peacefully protest, but I don’t think the clips are long enough to determine whether those arrested had broken any laws.)  I believe in the right to protest, but you have to be aware that when you bring that many people together you may be affecting the business, traffic, or the safety of the locals in that area.  Anyway, I’m about to vomit into ink what I believe are some factors of the recession.  Many people are focusing on the Big Fish and are not looking at those close to us and ourselves as well.

(*I actually just deleted a two-paragraph rant on what I’m about to sum up because I realized how boring and moot most of it was.)  Let’s just say that in Hays, KS it is next to impossible to find somewhere for lease with a deposit less than the first months rent.  In Wichita, the highest deposit for any of the similar costing apartments did not exceed $250, no more than half of a months rent for either location.  I feel as consumers in Hays, we are getting blackballed.  It is also rare to find a school job which pays more than minimum wage.  I’m not sure if we are allowing our landlords to screw us, or if we have no other choice, but either way I don’t think it is right.  What annoys me the most about ignorant small town businesses is that many of them believe they have to overprice their items or rip off their customers to make a profit.  When, in reality, they would earn loyal customers by thinking about their customers and not their banks.

Even with these small nuisances, I believe the number one responsible party for our state of economy is ourselves.  Here we are, blaming “The Man” while we ignore our own actions.  On the same site that requested the Wallstreet Occupation I saw an article titled,The Week in Apple Rumors: IPhones! IPhones! IPhones!  How many people do you see complain about our economy who owns a $100-$400 smartphone that carries at least a $90 monthly bill?  (And I bet that team killing fucktard tweeted their bitchfest from that phone!  I’ll also mention high speed internet, cable, Sunday NFL Ticket, Video games, and any other significant money dumps here.)  I’m guilty as anyone condoning the downfall of our economy, but my monthly bill I consider luxury or entertainment funds.  If it ever came to the point where I felt oppressed by money issues that would be the first thing to boot.

I don’t want to rant too much, because honestly, it’s not something I pay that close attention to so I’m not that knowledgeable on the subject, but I think everyone should at least take a moment to look at their financial habits and determine how they can help stabilize our economy.  But what does this all have to do with:

Well, I have this vision of companies who focus on employee and customer care.  A salary cap would be placed on high positions, but moving up in the company should still be well worth it.  Unfortunately, there will always be avarice and greed, but I believe that if we strive at the lowest level we can each help reshape our nation.  I think the flyer in this image can help identify us as one.  I don’t know the history of Anonymous using the Guy Fawkes mask, but to me it unifies us.  It represents the citizen, the neighbor fighting for each other.


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