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Sorry for the lack of posts, but I have been working on moving this site to I am trying to get used to using, but I will let you all know once I have that site to a decent state.


It really is so black(dark) and white(light).

The current occupation and peaceful protest on Wallstreet has reignited my observations of the state(perception) of the economy Continue reading

First things first. (My rating system)

A few years ago when I was young, dumb, and full of (well, if you don’t know the blank I refuse to take part in your corruption), my two roommates and myself were at quite the conundrum. Continue reading

Let’s Pop This

My first tattoo (er, blog):
I have a trait where I feel if I start I new project that it has to be perfect for myself and have a perfectly planned direction.  I’ve considered starting blogs in the past to expand my knowledge for Continue reading