Dimensions RPG

“The game: This is not a movie, it allows interaction.  This is not a video-game, you are not bound by pre-programmed restrictions.  This is not a board game, there are no set figures or pieces.  This IS a role-playing game.  A game that is only limited by the collective imagination of the people involved.

            How the game works:  You get a group of friends, a playing area, the required materials (discussed under the “What You Need” heading below), the rule book, and a whole bunch of snacks/caffeinated beverages.  If you’ve played other pen-and-paper RPG’s, then you already know the basics of how this game is going to run.  If you don’t already know, you and all of your friends sit down around this playing area (a table, floor, etc) and let your imaginations go wild.  You create a world, you create characters whose statistics are listed on a character sheet, you create maps, you create quests, problems, and villains, and then you portray the lives of your characters through dialogue, narrative, and combat scenarios.”

A word from the author on the Dimensions Role-Playing System

Dimensions Role-playing System is a pen and paper RPG.  Dimensions RPS is a system designed to mix and blend all genres of play into one unified system.  It is designed on a point system so that all heroes, creatures, and even equipment can be given a level.  It is so that a superhero, a grand wizard, and a mecha can be created on an even basis.  It can be played in one setting or all settings.  The strongest emphasis on the system though is flexibility and creation.  It is a system that allows players to create their own races.  It allows them to tweak abilities to fit their characters.  It allows them to create magically or technologically enhanced equipment instead of just buying them from a list.  It emphasizes that anything can be shifted, bent, or changed to create the system you want.  It is a system that is designed to allow players to be the hero that they want to play, not play pre-created classes.

I started creating the system when I was in high school.  It started out as a project that gave me something to do creatively in my free time.  When my friends and I wanted to play a game that mixed technology and magic, we were struggling to find a system that gave us the perfect combination we wanted.  I then went to work on the system even more, making it the system that we needed.  The first run was rough and probably not the most balanced of games, but it was probably one of the most fun campaigns we had ever run.  After the group was disbanded, I continued to work on it as a creative outlet in my spare time.  Eight years later, the system has gone through two name changes and six major mechanics changes.  Through all the changes, the system has kept its two most important foundations: All genres are created equal and the emphasis on player creation, not static rules.

Some of the mechanical concepts are created from scratch, many are borrowed and tweaked from other systems that did it right.  As an avid role-player, I have dove deep into a few RPG systems and dipped my toes in the waters of several more.  I have tried to pick and choose and melt the best parts of all systems together.  The system itself does not have a built in setting like most systems do.  It is not designed to be that way.  The system is about creation and freedom to create, although my hope is that pre-created settings will eventually be released to create an even more user-friendly game.

Through the years that I worked on this system, I drew inspiration for the system from many areas.  Creating rules and abilities proved to be a long road as I wanted to create abilities that could fit into any type of campaign players might want to try.  I wanted players to feel that the system could be used for an anime style campaign just as easily as it could be used for a traditional fantasy adventure or a zombie survival fest.  Because of this, I drew inspiration for abilities from video games, movies, TV shows, anime, comic books, graphic novels, MMO computer games, other RPG’s, trading card games, war games, pop science fiction, pop fantasy, and any other source that I could see a group of role-players wanting to create a campaign out of.
Landry Fehrenbacher (jak_of_hardt)

We are currently testing the game to ramp into publishing and production, but we would love to have focused groups.  Anyone interested in the beta testing phase should send an email to sspelzel@scatcat.fhsu.edu.  We are looking for people who are passionate about Role-Playing and willing to learn and test a new system in a timely manner.  We are also wanting to release a campaign setting alongside the system for players who don’t have time to create a world or those who enjoy playing in premade worlds.  If anyone is interested in creating a campaign setting for the system you can include it in the testing email or send it separately to the above email.  If you enjoy the system after playing in your own campaign and decide that writing a campaign setting is something you would like to do then feel free to email me at that time.  We’re not sure of the interest in writing for us so please provide any experience, journal, portfolio, or other works.  Thank you for your time and stopping by our site.
Shane Pelzel

Beta Version 1.00
Dimensions Role-Playing System
Skills Spreadsheets

check out the facebook group for .doc password

If you are interested in helping get the project off the ground but can only offer monetary help, then fear not:


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